A to B1102 in the News

The Group’s Chairman, Jonathan Cook, was recently interviewed for an article by Alex Spencer of the Cambridge Independent to discuss the Group’s concerns relating to the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s proposals for changes to traffic priorities and road space on Newmarket Road (A1303).

You can view the article below, but some key points:

  • We understand the rationale for making changes along Newmarket Road to improve roadspace availability for public transport, cycling and walking
  • However, we believe these changes need to be made at the point that new more attractive public transport solutions commence such that,
  • As journey times increase as traffic is slowed (as it negotiates the changed road priorities and road space, motorists can chose to switch to viable alternatives and not..
  • Get stuck in longer and longer traffic jams which back-up congestion out of Cambridge and towards the A14 and Stow-cum-Quy.

It is an aim of the Greater Cambridge Partnertship to disincentivise private cars from entering central Cambridge to bring about a reduction in traffic, increase safety and reduce pollution – thus improving the environment for the people who live and work in central Cambridge. We recognise the importance of this, but believe it can only progress once those of us who live outside the City have viable alternatives (instead of our cars) to access the City and its environs.

Find the article here

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