No 11 & 12 Bus Campaigns – Newmarket Town Council

At the scheduled meeting of Newmarket Town Council on Monday 26th September, the planned axing of the No 11 and No 12 buses was discussed along with other business. Councillor Harvey updated us, explaining that over 140 people attended the meeting which was “standing room only” and the topic was discussed for over 1/2 hour.Continue reading “No 11 & 12 Bus Campaigns – Newmarket Town Council”

Summary of Meeting with Local Coucillors No 11 Bus Route

On the 22nd September, the A to B1102 Group facilitated a meeting called to achieve the following Aims: The Chairman of the a-political A to B1102 Group, chaired the meeting. Present at the meeting were: A summary of the meeting including the agreed actions can be found here: We plan to meet again within twoContinue reading “Summary of Meeting with Local Coucillors No 11 Bus Route”

A to B1102 in the News

The Group’s Chairman, Jonathan Cook, was recently interviewed for an article by Alex Spencer of the Cambridge Independent to discuss the Group’s concerns relating to the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s proposals for changes to traffic priorities and road space on Newmarket Road (A1303). You can view the article below, but some key points: We understand theContinue reading “A to B1102 in the News”

Getting Cambridge to Net Zero by 2050

The Government has made a commitment to get our Country to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. The achievement of this key target will revolutionise the way we all move around and access Cambridge and its hinterlands. The recent Great Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Eastern Access consultation offered us an insight as to some of theContinue reading “Getting Cambridge to Net Zero by 2050”

A to B1102 Group Response to GCP Eastern Access Consultation

Happy New Year everyone! We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our survey and offered views / opinions regarding the GCP Eastern Access Consultation. You can access our Consultation Response here: We were able to have great conversations with most of the Parish Councils in our area and work with them to supportContinue reading “A to B1102 Group Response to GCP Eastern Access Consultation”

Welcome to the A to B1102 Website

A warm welcome to our website – a site which is designed to help you have your ‘transport’ voice heard and for us all to hear about information, ideas, news and views from the authorities that deliver our transport infrastructure. We will update the site regularly with information collected by our group members – pleaseContinue reading “Welcome to the A to B1102 Website”