About A to B1102

We’ve been established to raise awareness of transport issues that will affect you – to enable you to have a stronger voice and to lobby for improvements to our local transport infrastructure:

Whether we like it or not, our local area is changing, new housing is being built, new business parks are being set up, new infrastructure is being developed. We live in an area with a growing population, with huge pressure on land and resources. At the same time, government policy to tackle congestion and climate change is requiring all of us to rethink how we move around. We will all be encouraged to move away from private cars, from diesel & petrol vehicles. We will all be incentivised over the coming years to use more sustainable public transport.

These changes will impact all of us and they are already beginning. Consultations and discussions are being initiated by District and County Councils, organisations such as the Greater Cambridge Partnership and others.

We are here to ensure that you are informed and able to have your voice heard.

We are a voluntary group and have no political affiliations or commercial interests in the decisions we are enabling consultation around.

We have links to the Parish Councils of the villages we represent, our role is to complement and support their work, not in any way replace it.

We represent the villages of:

Burwell, Swaffham Prior, Reach, Swaffham Bulbeck, Commercial End, Longmeadow, Lode, Bottisham and Stow-cum-Quy

See our contacts page for information on how to contact us and meet your local contacts for information on the group members that represent your village

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