Getting Cambridge to Net Zero by 2050

The Government has made a commitment to get our Country to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. The achievement of this key target will revolutionise the way we all move around and access Cambridge and its hinterlands.

The recent Great Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Eastern Access consultation offered us an insight as to some of the initial schemes designed to move Cambridge towards this target and in the process encourage those of us who access Cambridge from outside the City boundary, to change how we travel.

We have brought together the feedback from residents and Parish Councils in our area (Stow-cum-Quy to Burwell) offered as part of the Eastern Access consultation. It makes clear some of the opportunities, challenges and associated issues which our politicians and the other stakeholders involved in delivering our transport infrastructure will have to address to achieve Net Zero AND some of the changes we will all have to make to the way we travel.

We share the document here for you to review.

The findings will form a key part of our work as we challenge our stakeholders (councils, agencies, government, transport providers) to deliver the infrastructure required to enable us all to continue to get from A to B!

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