Summary of Meeting with Local Coucillors No 11 Bus Route

On the 22nd September, the A to B1102 Group facilitated a meeting called to achieve the following Aims:

  • To identify and understand the issues and questions that need answering / addressing in order that either than existing service or a modified bus service can continue to serve our communities
  • To identify the actions we as a group need to take to move these issues / questions / ideas forward
  • To provide a conduit of consistent, correct information to our communities

The Chairman of the a-political A to B1102 Group, chaired the meeting.

Present at the meeting were:

  • Representatives from Quy, Bottisham, Lode & Longmeadow, Swaffham Bulbeck, Swaffham Prior & Burwell Parish Councils
  • Representatives from Newmarket Town Council
  • The Principle of Bottisham Village College
  • Councillors Claire Daunton, Alan Sharp, John Trapp, Charlotte Cane
  • Members of the A to B1102 Group

A summary of the meeting including the agreed actions can be found here:

We plan to meet again within two weeks. See the end of the document for things you can do to help!

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