Travel Survey Update

Thank you to everyone who has completed our survey to-date. See below for some initial findings. The survey remains open, so you can still contribute.

As of the 7th December 2020, 130 people have responded to the A to B1102 Transport Survey!

Below, we share some of the data already collected to demonstrate the important of as many people as possible completing the survey WHICH REMAINS OPEN TO CONTRIBUTE TO!

91% of respondents have used the Newmarket Road Park & Ride site.

What would encourage us to use the Park & Ride site more? No payment for parking, longer opening hours and more buses are key factors!

72% of respondents have taken the bus into or from Cambridge or Newmarket

More frequent buses per hour, longer operating hours, Sunday services and a quicker service are all things that would encourage more of us to take the bus!

Turning to train travel, Cambridge North Station is now the most preferred station for our respondents!

What about the proposed Cambridge Autonomous Metro (CAM)? Over 63% of respondents support or strongly support the idea! Only 14% oppose it:

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