Transport Survey

Ensure your travel needs are heard by completing our Transport Survey

Significant proposals that will alter the way we all access Cambridge are now being consulted on by our local authorities. These proposals will affect you, whether you drive, get the bus, walk or cycle into Cambridge.
The reasons are four-fold – traffic, air pollution, housing & commercial growth and maintaining the quality of life in the City of Cambridge.  In all honesty, change is coming and our travel habits will have to change. This is a given.

We want your views on what is proposed. ‘We don’t like any change’ is not an option – we need to influence proposals in our best interests.

If you’ve not already completed our questionnaire, please complete the questionnaire by following this link.

The questionnaire is hosted by SurveyMonkey. AtoB1102 will not collect any personal data about you, nor will you be required to provide any such information in completing the questionnaire.

We first published the results of our questionnaire earlier this year, but will publish an updated survey in December 2021. We will supply the results to the Greater Cambridge Partnership and other relevant organisations in order to help them understand the transport needs of our communities.

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