GCP Making Connections Consultation 2021

Proposed Bus Network in our Area

Commuting to, or shopping in Cambridge? Your journey will soon need to change!

As we all know, Cambridge is becoming more congested, traffic volumes are increasing. Residents report quality of life is decreasing. It is clear something needs to be done! The likely outcome: Car Travel is Toast!

We are all being encouraged to explore ways to change our modes of transport when we go to Cambridge, whether for work, or leisure. The message from the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is ‘Farewell to the Car, welcome new bus routes, walking and cycling!’

The GCP are now inviting everyone, you included, to share your views on proposals to transform public transport, cycling and walking and reducing pollution and congestion.

As the GCP website explains, they are proposing:

  • A new bus network, offering more frequent services, with longer operating hours, more rural connections, and new routes into our growing employment sites. You can find out more in the consultation brochure.
  • Creating space for improvements to walking and cycling and our public spaces
  • Options for raising money to pay for improvements to the transport network.”

We encourage you to engage with the consultation by exploring what is proposed and giving your views to the GCP Survey The closing date is the 20th December 2021

Comments from the A to B1102 Group

The A to B1102 Group have explored the proposals being made by the GCP and offer the following comments:

  • We believe the GCP should work in partnership with the communities who need to access Cambridge to develop attractive alternative modes of transport that encourage car drivers to change their mode of transport and we welcome this consultation
  • We are concerned that the proposed new bus routes which form the basis for this consultation are not based on current reliable data which maps the current journey patterns of commuters and leisure travelers and we are lobbying the GCP to address this point before any final decisions are made
  • Whilst commuting patterns are still in a level of “flux” post the Covid Pandemic, it is vital that future bus routes operate in a way that meets the needs of commuters, in particular – otherwise, people will fail to make the shift from car to public transport
    • As it becomes more difficult to get into Cambridge as routes are re-prioritised for bus, walking & cycling, motorists will find ever more inventive ways of getting around the blockages, traffic speeds will further decrease leading to more and more congestion beyond the CIty – at intersections like Stow-cum-Quy
  • We believe that as a first step, fast “express” bus routes need to be created with mini park & ride sites in villages – enabling an express bus to make only one stop in each of the key villages, thus enabling fast journey times for commuters to travel hubs which offer connections to different parts of the City without all services going into Cambridge.
    • The proposals by GCP meet some of these ideas, which we welcome.

GCP Newmarket Road Improvements Consultation 2021

If you access Cambridge via Newmarket Road (A 1303), you are encouraged to explore a second consultation the GCP are running in parallel with the Making Connections Consultation above. The Newmarket Road Improvements Consultation is open until the 22nd December 2021.

See our dedicated page for more information and our comments on this proposal.

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