GCP Newmarket Road Improvements Consultation 2021

If you travel along the A1303 into Cambridge (Newmarket Road), you are encouraged to respond to this Consultation.

Building on last year’s Eastern Access Consultation, the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) have taken the feedback received and progressed a number of proposals which could potentially reduce traffic congestion and air pollution along Newmarket Road. As their brochure makes explains:

“To tackle these two problems, we have been looking at how we

can encourage a shift from car use to public transport, walking

and cycling in the east of Cambridge.”

GCP Cambridge Eastern Access Brochure

The proposed improvements are divided into short term improvements to walking, cycling provision and public transport (the focus on this consultation), longer term improvements to public transport and future upgrades to the Cambridge – Newmarket Railway Line.

This consultation focuses on:

  • Improvements at the Elizabeth Way roundabout
  • Improving facilities for cyclists and pedestrians along the whole of Newmarket Road from Elizabeth Way to Airport Way
  • Connecting the cycling improvements with the Chisholm Trail and the planned Greater Cambridge Greenways network

These proposals will affect your journey if you currently travel by car into Cambridge along the Newmarket Road – many of them intentionally reduce the road space and priorities offered to the motor car. We encourage you to engage with the consultation by exploring what is proposed and giving your views to the GCP Survey The closing date is the 22nd December 2021

Comments from the A to B1102 Group

The A to B1102 Group have explored the proposals being made by the GCP and offer the following comments:

  • We recognise and accept the need to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality along Newmarket Road
  • We are however seriously concerned that if changes to the road layout are implemented before significant improvements to public transport (which offer car users a viable alternative to their cars), the net result will be more congestion, pollution and frustrated drivers!
  • This will lead drivers to find ever more inventive “rat runs” or alternative routes which negatively impact the residents of other parts of Cambridge and the surrounding villages – pushing the problem elsewhere.
  • We encourage the GCP to engage with our communities who need to access Cambridge to develop attractive alternative modes of transport that encourage car drivers to change their mode of transport
  • We welcome this consultation

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