Save the Number 11 Bus!

As you may be aware, Stagecoach, the No 11 Bus operator has decided to axe the route as from the 30th October 2022

The No 11 bus route provides public transport from Cambridge, through the B1102 villages and on to Newmarket and then, Bury St Edmunds

Following a review of the route, Stagecoach, the current operator have decided the route is no longer viable. In their evidence, submitted to the Combined Authority (who oversee bus routes in Cambridgeshire), they state that the route made a loss of £733,662.00 in the last financial year, a year when passenger numbers were 97.4% of those in 2019 – pre pandemic. Based on their data, this equates to a loss of £37.52 per person, per trip.

The limited information provided by Stagecoach leaves many questions that need to be answered before we can properly assess the viability of the route in its current form.

Whatever the position as regards viability, our communities need a public transport offering. A number of petitions have been created and we encourage you to sign them all in order to make clear to the Combined Authority, to Stagecoach and to our politicians the level of anger at this decision and to show the value our communities place on having a bus service.

The largest petition, started by Jemma Fortey can be found here.

The A to B1102 Group is facilitating a number of discussions between our local and district councillors, Parish Councillors and other interested parties to help co-ordinate a plan of action to find a way forward.

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