Newmarket Road Improvements & Park and Ride Relocation Feb 2023

The latest GCP consultation is open and it involves the future of Newmarket Road, in particular the location of the Newmarket Road Park and Ride.

The proposal shows the move from the current site next to the ice arena/new Marleigh development at Marshall to the GCP expressed preferred location at the roundabout with Airport Way.

On further discussion with the Parish Councils, Councillors and followers of the AtoB1102 group, it is generally believed that this location could be the worst of both worlds.

The Park and Ride will be the point at which the proposed congestion charge is likely to start. We genuinely do not believe that the proposed capacity is enough to accommodate the level of traffic, in particular cars that pass through our villages. This will see significant overflow of informal parking, especially in villages such as Teversham and Quy.

We also believe that there will be a significant increase in those wishing to park and cycle, over and above that volume of parking already experienced in Quy along the High Street. Add in the increased construction traffic for the proposed new water-works, Quy in particular is set to be hit by backed up traffic or increased parking.

To this end we strongly believe that a larger park and ride/park and cycle facility at Quy is far better suited to accomodate the needs of Cambridge commuters and provide a better closer service for the B1102 villages. This location would create a travel hub / interconnection point to enable people to change services for onward travel to the Science Park, Milton, Cambridge North Station without having to go further towards Cambridge (the preferred location for the new park & ride site) and then come back out again along Newmarket Road to access these locations (Science Park, Milton etc). We also believe that it can in tandem support the traffic management plan and construction workforce should the new water works be approved – possibly even with funding to assist in the construction.

Our local Councillors representing both South and East Cambs believe that this is the correct solution for our area but it needs the support of our communities to encourage the GCP to consider a-beyond-the-A14 solution. 

Our experience tells us that this is a numbers game and we need people to respond in numbers to show that we care. Over 5,000 signed the petition to save the bus and we do need action from everyone who is reading this to respond.

Please can you show your support for this option but completing the consultation response here GCP Newmarket Road improvements and Park & Ride relocation | Consult Cambridgeshire. Questions 14 to 16 are the relevant ones but note that 16 provides a box and needs further explanation.

We suggest that the following points are made in Q16 in your own words and any other thoughts added you see fit:

  1. A solution to the north of the A14 would avoid the impact on the Quy Water SSSI
  2. It will remove traffic earlier from the road network i.e. straight off the A14 and discourage further travel along Newmarket Road
  3. The Park and Ride at Quy can be sized accordingly and not hindered by ditches/natural hedge barriers
  4. The Park and Ride at Quy can assist with the construction parking should the proposed water works proceed.
  5. The Park and Ride can integrate better with the No. 11 and No. 12 bus, freeing up one service to continue along Newmarket Road to Cambridge and one service onto Cambridge North
  6. The Park and Ride provides a better service for the B1102 villages and will tie in better with the proposed Greenways and a safer route for vulnerable cyclists to access the Park and Ride without using the underpass.
  7. The Park and Ride at Quy can be used as a true travel hub for the benefit of the villages.
  8. The Park and Ride at Quy will reduce the impact of free parking in Quy both now or in the future especially from those parking and cycling.
  9. The Park and Ride at Quy will support the community business and Quy Mill Hotel and enable more people to access their facility without impacting on their car park i.e. using the gym before and after work.
  10. A secure bike facility at a new Park and Ride at Quy will enable students from Cambridge to access Bottisham by bicycle.
  11. The Park and Ride at Airport Way will bring no benefit to any community as it is too far from Teversham and B1102 villages.
  12. A new Park and Ride at Quy will bring Cambridge residents out of town and will help support the failing pub businesses in the village.
  13. A new Park and Ride at Quy will help with the poor junction arrangements that have evolved over time and cause large amounts of traffic to build up through the village.
  14. The Park and Ride would be opposite the church and provide local parking at peak times rather than in the village. 
  15. A new Park and Ride at Quy could be used as a local electric charging point especially for historic village homes which cannot accommodate a charging point.
  16. A new Park and Ride at Quy could be used as a delivery drop point for the B1102 villages to avoid needing further connection by car into Cambridge for example by B&Q further down Newmarket Road.

We also urge you to email you thoughts separately to:

Thank you for your time.

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