Fast Bus Concept Proposal

It looks increasingly likely that over the coming few years, Cambridge, along with other major cities will introduce restrictions on private vehicles accessing the City in a bid to combat congestion.

How can we ensure we have fast, efficient, reliable and enjoyable transport solution – to enable us to continue to access Cambridge and its environs to work, go to school and to enjoy our leisure time?

Introducing the B1102 Fast Bus Concept

As the presentation explains, this concept has been developed by the A to B1102 Group in response to the emerging likelihood that over the coming years, it will become more and more difficult to access Cambridge City by private vehicle (as the Greater Cambridge Partnership supported by Cambridge City politicians work to reduce traffic congestion in the City) and the fact that the B1102 corridor is experiencing year-on-year growth in the number of vehicles using the B1102 leading to increasing congestion with all its associated impacts in our communities. Given these realities, the A to B1102 Group has identified that a fast, efficient, reliable and enjoyable public transport solution is essential which actually encourages people to leave their cars at home rather than being forced / priced out through road charging.

This presentation represents an outline concept / set of ideas which are launched for consultation within our villages to explore everyone’s views, to get a conversation going so that our communities can take an active role in shaping our transport for the future!

Let’s ensure the B1102 Corridor is one step ahead – leading the way for Cambridgeshire!

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