Update: No11 & No12 Bus Services

This page provides you with the information we have on this evolving story:

After a challenging start in November due mainly to roadworks beyond the control of Stephensons of Essex, a great deal of positive feedback has been shared regarding the No 11 and No 12 services under the new contractual arrangements.

Customers have valued the friendly and helpful service from bus drivers, the services have been much more reliable and anecdotally, more people seem to be using the services.

The current contracts for bus subsidies from the Cambridge & Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) come to an end on the 31st March. Whilst the CPCA have agreed a new funding arrangement (through a new precept deal) to fund bus services in the new financial year, they have not yet confirmed which services will benefit from this funding.

At the time of writing (20th February 2023), it is not yet clear whether the No11 and No12 services will benefit from this funding and thus continue beyond the 31st March 2023.

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