Cancellation of the No 11 and No 12 Bus Services

This page provides you with the information we have on this evolving story:

We were notified on Sunday 18th September that Stagecoach had registered on Friday 16 September (and just before the long funeral weekend) to cancel the No.11 (Bury – Newmarket -Cambridge) and No. 12 (Ely – Newmarket – Cambridge) bus services: EXCLUSIVE: Stagecoach axe 21 Cambridgeshire routes – CambsNews. Both buses serve the A to B1102 villages along different routes.

This was verified by a link to the Vehicle Operator Licensing pages – see here for No. 11 Vehicle Operator Licensing – GOV.UK ( and 12 Vehicle Operator Licensing – GOV.UK (

Bus drivers were swift to point out on Facebook that even drivers had not been notified of these cancellations – some 18 in total across the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough geography. 

It should also be noted here that there is The Volunteer Network who operate a book-a-bus service towards Newmarket for those most in need Transport | The Voluntary Network 01638 608022. We imagine demand will now surge but recommend it to anyone who feels they may need assistance.

A statement from Stagecoach on Tuesday 21st September confirmed our worst suspicions together with a map of routes that will remain – note the lack of services anywhere near the B1102 villages. 

This news has spread over recent days with comments from many political leaders on social media, radio and TV. There are also a number of petitions and we are keen that these are supported.

Currently the largest petition was set up by Jemma Fortey and can be found here Petition · Stop the cancellation of stagecoach bus service 11 & 12 · At writing it has over 6,400 signatories.

We the A to B1102 Group have organised a call with local Councillors and Parish Council reps this Thursday evening to discuss the situation and we will be reporting further here.

However we have some hard facts from Stagecoach and they are not easy to swallow or resolve.

11 Bus

Numbers have only dropped by 2.6% since pre-pandemic (2019) levels – as at June 2022 19,554 passenger trips

The annual profit was – £733,662

This equates to £37.52 loss per person per trip.

A one way taxi from Burwell to Cambridge by example is around £25

12 Bus

Numbers have dropped by 8.4% since pre-pandemic (2019) levels – as at June 2022 18,922 passenger trips

The annual profit was – £443,528 

This equates to £23.44 loss per person per trip.

Just under a one way taxi from Burwell to Cambridge.

We acknowledge that this is not sustainable, especially for a commercial bus operator such as Stagecoach. We are also very aware that there is no magic funding coming from Central government either via the Combined Authority, County Councils or District Councils.

The MD of Stagecoach has announced that all annual passes will be refunded for unexpired time from 30 October 2022 but this is not helpful to the thousands of people who rely on the bus service and so little time has been given to come up with a Plan B. People live and have relocated to our villages to live, work and study due to the very bus links we are losing. This will also have an impact on the future desirability of our villages and could have disruptive social impacts we have yet to understand. Certainly it will see an increase in traffic over and above what we have seen from people choosing our road as a route to Cambridge.

With a proposed £5 a day congestion charge to enter Cambridge – it would need over 145,000 ‘car days’ to cover the annual deficit of the 11 bus service. It is therefore essential that the B1102 villages now come up with a solution that meets the needs of their residents now and in the future and we believe its time to think more outside the box. 

We welcome any ideas on how we could now be more self-serving and resilient so that we don’t continue to lose services for our residents.

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